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I had the craziest dream last night.

It was so detailed, I think it was a livid dream, one where you are physically in control.

The setting kind of reminded me of Borderlands, but only in the style sense in which the dream was presented. All I can tell is that it takes place on another plain of Earth and it’s something of a futuristic setting. I think at one point it was explained that there was a monarchy in exile somewhere in the northern snowy region and it was me and my group’s job to take down the tyrannical cooperation that had all but taken over.

In order to do that, we had to find carriers of something only explained as “Gems”, which would activate a long forgotten citadel and restore the true rulers of this realm (how that would actually work out, it wasn't explained).

Carriers of “Gems” were from all corners of the realm. I had two companions through my entire journey: a man only identified as “Tank” (as he surely was a tank in class, I assume) and some kind of winged bird lady named Magpie or “Mags” (why she was a winged bird lady wasn't explained) but both were carriers. Every other carrier I found would help me in the fight to save their particular region and then say they’d meet me by the citadel later.

At one point, we’re exploring a snowy prison late at night and have to reach the top without setting off the alarms and awaking the deadly prisoners. We eventually reach the top only to find the imprisoned Gem carrier dead and the warden crushing oysters with a mallet in her office (why, I don’t know). We defeat the warden and taken the Gem from the dead carrier’s body, saying that one of us will have to take their place when we stand around the citadel (apparently, you don’t need the person, just the Gem, but seeing as the Gem rests inside the living person and the person will die if the Gem is taken, you get the picture).

Apparently, the owner of the cooperation had been keeping an eye on me and my group somehow. I find a red envelope near a busted vending machine on the top floor as we leave and it’s from him. Before I can open it, the vending machine explodes and out shoots confetti. All of us are confused and then we read the note. I don’t remember what it says, but apparently it was so type of love note.

After a while, we find out the last Gem carrier is actually the crown princess and she’s waiting for us in the northern snowy region. In order to get to each far off region, there where these passage areas that you had to wait through. I don’t know if it was some kind of futuristic teleportation thing or just something of a toll booth or whatever. Well, as we wait at one going toward the norther region, we see two people standing and looking at a screen saying to enjoy your trip (typical tourist crap). Our group doesn't think much of it until two cooperation peacekeepers (the name is used ironically here) apprehend the two, saying the “Princess” is under arrest for violating the exile. Her guide turns out to be her bodyguard and he fights off the peacekeepers as best he can, but they overpower him and freeze the princess there. Before we can act, they throw some kind of smoke screen and disappear with the Princess.

The bodyguard tells us that they snuck out of the palace in the north in order to find us and if the head of the cooperation gets his hands on the Princess, then it’s all over. Now, we all have to trek back through the realm and find the cooperation headquarters.

Somehow, I’m separated from my group and find myself in the office of the boss. He’s been sending all kinds of trouble out way but he is now quite docile. He’s quite handsome and he says he’s been watching us as we progress. He congratulates me and tells me he’s willing to make a deal with me. He wants the Gems and he wants the realm, but he also wants me by his side. He then shows me he’s captured all the Gem carriers and imprisoned them with my friends and the frozen princess.

I don’t remember what happens next, but I do remember somehow all of us, save for Mags who stayed behind as a distraction, found our way to the region with the citadel after escaping. Before we cross the border, we find his entire army waiting there. He tells me it doesn't have to be this way and he’ll let Mags go if we surrender.

Before anything else happens, my alarm wakes me up. What do you guys think?

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